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Coventry City Council Case Study

Coventry City Council, concerned about the growing threat of ransomware attacks, sharpened its focus on improving security, especially to protect its citizens, staff and crucial services. After researching the marketplace the council deployed Ricoh’s RansomCare solution - a decision which it described as ‘a no brainer’.

Why you need to protect your organisation from ransomware

Secure your business from the increasing threat of ransomware with the ultimate protection. RansomCare, from Ricoh’s Cyber Security Practice, is advanced detection and containment software. Constantly monitoring all activity across your network it instantly secures any potential attack, stopping it in its tracks and locking it down. With an average cost of a ransomware attack being £130k for mid size businesses*, take action to protect your business.

Why cyber attacks are increasing

As more employees work remotely and traditional business practices are disrupted, human error, unsecure home working environments and a lack of effective communication are providing greater opportunities for attackers.


Watch an attack in action

Two businesses: one with a standard perimeter-based security and the other with the addition of RansomCare. Watch as our simulation shows both being attacked with ransomware.

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Ransomware Guide

Ricoh's cyber security experts have compiled a short eBook introduction to ransomware. Learn more about how ransomware works, how an attack affects your business and some recent examples.

Why you need to take action

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Our experts can provide a free, and remotely implemented, powerful Proof of Concept of our RansomCare solution, implemented directly within your own business environment.

The proof of concept can be undertaken remotely with just a few hours of pre-set up based on a number of prerequisites. Once ready, our team will simulate an attack using real ransomware.

Once the attack is demonstrated documentation and evidence will be provided for evaluation, showing an example of how you can be protected from ransomware in the future with RansomCare.

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SMBs considered an easy target

Ransomware attackers are focusing on smaller organisations as they are considered an easier target. Whilst the ransoms demanded might be smaller the number of successful attacks are higher.

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What does a ransomware attack cost?

The financial implications of a ransomware attack are significant. Reputational damage, loss of productivity, potential fines all add to the cost, sometimes ultimately leading to business closure.

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Perimeter vs Containment

Learn how to take the fight to your would-be attackers by being proactive in the fight against ransomware.